Preferred Tour Operators The benefit to using a Nordic preferred tour operator is that they have decades of experience providing safe and affordable trips. They will coordinate the transportation, the casino, the shopping, the hotel- whatever the group needs- they will make it happen. Then you as the group leader can focus solely on marketing the trip and obtaining the guests. If this is your preference, please complete this form and Bob Mann will be in touch asap. Please include as much information as possible such as your date of interest and group size in the request..
Tour Operator Request Tour Operator Request
Proper casual attire is required. Please no tank tops or muscle shirts for men and ladies please no bare midriffs. Jeans, shorts and sneakers acceptable.

Nordic Dress Code

*10% service charge is shared among your server and all the support staff. Additional gratuity left on the table goes directly to your server.
Adults - $111.00
Children - Ages 8-12 $58.00 Ages 3-7 $33.00 Age Under 3 $10.00

Maximum Dining 2 Hours

Soft Drinks, Coffee & Tea,

Tax and 10% Service Charge* Included

2021 Pricing

The Nordic - 178 Nordic Trail - Charlestown, Rhode Island 02813