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Frequently Asked Questions

Indoor All You Can Enjoy Questions

Q. Are reservations required?

A. Fridays and Saturdays are walk-in days. We only take reservations for groups of 20 or more on these days. Sundays are by prepaid reservation for all sized parties. Sunday reservations can be made here.

Q. If I choose to visit on a Friday or Saturday, how long will the wait be for a table?

A. We provide updated suggestions for the coming weekend on the Best Times page. This page will help you avoid our busiest times and share any extended hours we may be offering that weekend. If a wait does become part of your visit we have a full expanse of activities around our grounds for you to enjoy. Music, lawn games, fire pits, farm animals and cocktail service to name a few.

Q. Can I make a reservation over the phone?

A. Reservations are only received on our website. Visit our Reservation page for more info.

Nordic Lakeside Questions

Q. Can the Nordic Lakeside a la carte dining option be enjoyed by some in my party while the others enjoy the buffet?

A. Our Lakeside Menu and Buffet are two separate dining options. The indoor dinning room is reserved only for those guests enjoying the buffet. Our Lakeside menu is available outside or at our bar area when space permits. The two dining options can not be enjoyed together.

Q. Can I make a reservation for Nordic Lakeside?

A. Reservations for Nordic Lakeside are only offered during show times. We strongly suggest a reservation during show times as tables do fill and space can be limited. With a reservation you are guaranteed a table. Outside of show times, you can walk in and enjoy The Nordic Lakeside.

Q. If there is inclement weather, how soon will we be notified of show cancelation?

A. An email notification will be sent no less than 1 hour prior to show time in the event of weather.